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Private Music Lessons

Exciting tailor-made music lessons in Amersham for children and adults.

An Introduction to music (from 3yrs)

General music lessons (from 5 yrs)

Private piano lessons (from 5 yrs)

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Every 2 years I hold a concert with my pupils. March 2020 was our 5th concert. We showcase our talents as 'musicians' whilst playing within our comfort zones. As some of my students come for general music lessons, these are not piano concerts but music concerts featuring a wide variety of instruments.

Those participating are involved in three performances: a solo, an ensemble featuring everyone, plus a small group piece: e.g. duet/ trio/ quartet or quintet. There is no age limit for those playing in the concerts with past events involving children from 3 to 14 years old, as well as grown-up pupils and of course, myself!

High Notes music classes